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No Home, My Home

The idea started back when Sharon was a teen, there had to be a better way for the homeless on the street. It kept coming up over the years, every time Sharon saw a bag that could work, but just didn’t work.

Jump a certain amount of years later and sitting at a hockey game and a bag looked to be right, it was a great size, great quality, well set up. But was just missing something. A year later that bag got an upgrade and Sharon knew it was the one that would work.

Within weeks, Sharon had thought of the charity, put the idea out there and had a board and was registering for the charity status. Months down the track and over 3000 shelter designs looked over, until Sharon found and designed the right shelter to fit the bag, the charity was taking form.

It will always be a work in progress, as so much changes in the world and you find things that work better than before.

If we all work together, we can help everyone together.

We as a charity are working together to give the homeless dignity, somewhere safe to sleep, somewhere to secure their belonging, somewhere warm and dry. Somewhere to call home. Everyone deserves somewhere to call HOME.


Our Team

With a shared commitment to making a difference, our members bring diverse skills and unwavering dedication to our mission. Together, we are united by the belief that everyone deserves a place to call home.

Sharon Robertson

CEO Founder

Tammy Parker


Tia Veech


Emma Shaw

Board Member (Registered Psychologist)

David Robertson

Board Member

Registered Charity Organisation.

No Home, My Home is a subsidiary of No Home, My Home Project an Incorporated Registered Charity Organisation.

Expression of Interest

We are on a mission to turn homelessness into hopefulness. Express your interest in becoming a part of our community, where we believe everyone deserves a place to call home. Join us in making a difference, one heart at a time.